The brimstone key is an important unique item that opens brimstone chests. Assuming you have a brimstone chest, you are able to open it using a shard of the brimstone key. Yet , you can’t employ this item to get alchemical applications. As such, you should only put it to use for this purpose. Its for these reasons it is a beneficial item in OSRS, yet how can you get a shard?

The brimstone key is used to open a brimstone chest, which is a treasure chest containing up to 80 000 coins. The killer need to pay two coins to spread out it, so you must be speedy to get your on the job the key. You can either trade that or put it to use as something to uncover the corresponding breasts. The shards of brimstone could be stacked, but cannot be bought and sold or outfitted.

The brimstone key can be obtained from a variety of stores, but they are necessary for some reasons. A brimstone key is needed for the purchase of certain products, such as guns and armour. Moreover, it can also be used for beginning locked packaging. The brimstone key is located on the upper body of your Konar. The brimstone truth is a crucial unit for making and weaponry.

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